Creighton Island

The Outdoor Painter's Dream Come True

November 12, 2005, eleven plein air painters waited expectantly on the dock for the barge to arrive which would carry them out to Creighton Island. Since pictures tell more of the story than words can convey, follow along as we share a few moments of the adventure with you!

Waiting at the dock with all of our gear!
At right - Loaded on the barge and headed to the Island!


Unloading the gear and setting up camp.

Our first evening was marked with adventure. While on a tour of the island, the 'mule' and our wagon was mired in the swamp, but Frank came to the rescue with a chain and the John Deere!




Early Morning Painting on the Causeway
Above - Sue, Marsha, and Nancy
At right - Denise




Sandra found a unique way of hauling her gear to each location.

Gwen painting the marsh with watercolors.


Sue painting on the Causeway.


Evelyn gets the prize for "best hat"!

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