Creighton Island

The Outdoor Painter's Dream Come True
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Each evening two members of the group were responsible for dinner and it was surprising how delicious every meal tasted!

And it was a real treat to be invited to Frank's Place for an early morning breakfast!


Our morning coffee ritual to start the day!
This was on one of the colder mornings!


Relaxing at the bunkhouse and discussing painting locations.



Catching the last light from the bunkhouse porch.
Carly and Marsha


Mikki and Junko had a lot of company while painting
in the field near Frank's Place.



Inside "Wilson's Place". Sandra found that the palmetto bugs
enjoyed her oil paintings as a night time snack!

The outdoor shelter for cooking and the campfire area
with a bunkhouse in the background.


Junko takes a break beside the dock at Frank's Place


Painting from the causeway on the east side of the island.

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