Creighton Island

The Outdoor Painter's Dream Come True

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Denise and Sandra Crossing the Creek

Carly and Gwen enjoy breakfast beside the campfire.


Mikki Painting the Old Truck

Sandra Painting the Marsh



Marsha on the "soon to be rebuilt" walkway to the dock. However,
as artists, we feel this one has a lot more character!



Have Loaded Cart - Will Paint Plein Air



Wiggley shares another 'tall tale' with Gordon and Carly



And of course we had to get the bunkhouse ready for the
hunting party that was to arrive after us!
The special designed Canopy Bed belongs to the General!



Crossing the Creek while leaving, the trailer decided to stay behind....



But with Gordon and Wiggley and John Deere's help, we made it across!

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The adventure will continue.....visit again soon!