Featuring the works of Artists, Jeannine Cook, Marquita Macon, & Marjett Schille

Inspired by a private barrier island off the Georgia Coast, Creighton Island, where the
artists spent several weeks in March 2005. Their body of work exemplifies the importance
of conservation and the preservation of our natural resources.

The show opened Friday, February 3, 2006, at the Averitt Center for the Arts in  Statesboro, GA.
Creighton, An Island Sanctuary, traveled to St. Simon's and to The Botanical Garden of GA at Athens where
it can be seen now thru the month of March, 2007.

Jeannine, Marjett and Marquita

Artwork at Botanical Garden
Athens, GA March 2007

Jeannine shares information about
Creighton Island


Visitors to the Botanical Garden
at Athens, March 2007

Jeannine, Frank and Martha Williams