Creighton Island

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Island Necessities

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History of Creighton

 Plein Air Painters

The Creighton Crew 2007

The Creighton 11
Artist Adventure
November, 2005

View the 2006 Show Reception!
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Southern Colours Artist Retreat March 2006

Botanical Garden of GA

 Creighton Paintings March 2007


....sunset view from the porch......

The Water Tower



Annie and Willie


This website has been developed to bring you information about the availability of camping, hunting and plein air adventures on Creighton Island, a barrier island located off the coast of Georgia at the Sapelo River Inlet.

Groups of  8 to 12 can reserve a week on the island from October thru April. Bow hunters, plein air artists, naturalists, or other groups interesting in hiking and studying the intercoastal marshlands are welcome. Day trips for artists can be arranged.

 If you'd like to know more about the availability of excursions on the island,

Tupelo addition to the farm!

Please bring carrots when you visit!

An afternoon walk...